How we support aspiring artists

One of Danny's big dreams is to put Ireland on the leather fashion map and looking at his progress, he will soon succeed.

Part of Danny's big vision is to promote aspiring artists that are interested in designing leather goods, with the end goal being to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

We see ourselves as the wind beneath the artist's wings, as we do not impose what direction needs to be followed. We prefer to encourage and help them find their own path. - Danny

The first aspiring artist to take his journey with us is RADU S. aka "The Handcraft Bandit", who learned everything he knows about leather from Danny himself. He is showing a great talent in the leather-making craft and he is very skilled as you can see from his beautiful creations. His amazing products have a unique artisan imprint and just by looking at his self developed "Gap Stitch" hand stitching technique you will realize his distinctive craftsman's skills. Click on the button below to view and purchase his 100% handmade leather products.

Radu aka the handcraft bandit profile picture